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Solang Valley Manali – Things you could do and how to reach

About Solang Valley

Solang Valley is a major tourist attraction in Manali and is just 13 kilometers from Manali. Solang valley is very scenic place especially in winters as one could see magnificent snow-capped peaks and Glaciers from here. It is famous for its adventure activities and is true adventurer paradise. During summers you can do parachuting, zorbing, paragliding and horse riding.  In winters can do skiing and tobogganing. You can also get your hands on an ATV / Quad bike.

Best time to visit Solang

You can visit Solang throughout the year because it always has something to offer. However adventure activities are different for Winters and Summer. If you want to do skiing than you should plan with December to February.

How to Reach Solang

Solang is at a distance of  13 kilometers from Manali. We provide tour package services with Solang valley. By booking the package you can visit Manali and explore Solang and other popular sites . You can have thorough discussion with our tour experts before proceeding . You can contact us by filling in query form or by calling on 8091758422 to get instant response.

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Places to visit at Narkanda


Narkanda is a hill station which has gained popularity in the recent decade. It has an average elevation of around 2600 meters which is higher than Kufri and is at a distance of 65 kilometres from Shimla city connected by NH 5. The place has the beauty of its own kind and is quite different from Shimla. The place is surrounded by deodar forest and big apple orchards.Like Kufri, this place is also famous for skiing.


Places to Visit at Narkanda

Hatu Peak

Hatu mata temple
Hatu mata temple

Hatu Peak is at a distance of 5 kilometres from Narkanda at an elevation of 3400 meters and is the highest point in Shimla. At the top of the peak resides Hatu Mata temple. Hatu Mata temple is the dedicated to ‘Mandodari’ who was the wife of ‘Ravana’. The road to Hatu from Narkanda is little treacherous at certain points especially for drivers who haven’t driven much on mountain roads. However, this sort of roads is an everyday thing to local taxi drivers. The view of mountains from the top is very mesmerising. You should not miss Hatu if you are at Narkanda.


Hatu Temple Narkanda
Hatu Mata Temple Narkanda

Tani Jubbar Lake

Tani Jubbar Lake is at a distance of 10 kilometres from Narkanda. It is a rain fed lake and to the side of the lake is Nag devta temple. Adjacent to it is small Tani Jubbar village. The lake is not very big but its okay as rain fed lakes in mountains are not that huge.

Tani jubbar lake
Tani jubbar lake


We provide tour package services and Narkanda can be included in the package. You can have a thorough discussion with our tour experts before proceeding. You can contact us by filling in query form or by calling on 8091758422 to get an instant response.

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Places to visit at Kufri

Kufri is a popular hill station situated at a distance of 16 kilometres from Shimla. It sits higher than Shimla at an elevation of around 2500 meters. The view of snow-capped peaks towards the north is magnificent and remains throughout the year.  A binocular would further enhance the view. Kufri is more popular for its winter sports as it stays covered under snow because it receives very less sunshine and snow remain intact for a longer time. Thus if you miss snowfall you can still get a glimpse of snow at Kufri.


You can do multiple activities out there. During summer you could do trekking and horse riding and in winter you could do yak riding, tobogganing (sliding on the sledge) and skiing.


Green Valley

On the way to Kufri, this is a great spot on the road where you can have a view of the green valley. It boasts to be the densest forest in Asia and is a wildlife sanctuary.

Himalayan Nature Park

There is Himalayan wild life zoo at  Kufri where you can see rare antelopes species like Bharal and Ghoral, Leopards, bears and birds like Monal which was the state bird of Himachal Pradesh.

Indira tourist park aka Chini Bungalow

It is situated near Himalayan nature park. Chini bungalow is very famous for its architecture also a very good view around that place. As the name suggests Indira tourist park is specially built for tourists. It has a restaurant cum beer bar, ice cream parlour and a tea – cofee shop, video game parlour for juniors. It is kind of place where you can relax and enjoy natural beauty. Attached to it are several shops where you could buy souvenirs.

Amusement Parks at Kufri

There are multiple amusements parks to choose from in Kufri. We recommend Adventure resorts aka Kufri fun campus as it has lots of rides to choose from and has comparable more to offer than other parks. Pricing is also okay.

We provide tour package services and Kufri is included in tour packages. You can have a thorough discussion with our tour experts before proceeding. You can contact us by filling in query form or by calling on 9817877665 to get an instant response.

Kufri Fun World

Kufri Fun World is the most likely visited amusement park in Kufri (Shimla). Which is located at the top of Mahasu peak. At over 2,800 metres above sea level. It is the highest go-kart track in the world. There are multiple rides here that you will enjoy. You could do skiing here during winter.