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Vashisht temple, hot water springs & Things to do

A view from Vashist

One of the most preferred spots by tourists in Manali is Vashisht village. It is situated on banks of river Beas and is just 3 kilometers from Manali. Famous for its hot water springs popularly known as Vashisht Kund. The hot water spring is said to therapeutic values and can treat some skin problems. Separate baths have been built for men and women. Showers are made of Turkish style. Inlets and outlets have been made for flow of cold and hot water.

Vashisht temple is made up of well sculpted carvings and inside there is stone image of Rishi Vashisht. Rishi vashisht is one of seven sages of hindus. The temple is said to be around 4000 years old.  Adjacent to it is Ram temple with idols of lord Rama, Laksman and goddess Sita. Vashisht village is very scenic with houses made of mud and wood which was typical Himachali style of building houses few decades back. Prayers are carried at temple using traditional instruments.

Vashist Temple
Vashist Temple

A liitle History

As per mythology Vishwamitra killed Rishi Vashisht children. Shattered with what happened Rishi Vashisht tried to commit suicide by juming into Vipasha  (Beas) river. However river Vipasha refused to kill him and carried him to a village where he restarted his new life and did meditation .Vipasha means “freedom from bondage” and got its name from this incident since it rendered freedom to rishi Vashisht from bondage.

Vashist Village
Vashist Village

How to reach Vashisht

Vashisht village is at a distance of  3 kilometers from Manali bus stand. You can hire a taxi (taxi is included in tour package) or book an auto to reach there.

We provide tour package services and Vashisht Kund is included in tour packages. By booking the package you can visit Manali and explore Vashisht and other popular sites . You can have thorough discussion with our tour experts before proceeding .