Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge or Indian Institute of Advanced Studies Shimla

The Heritage of Viceregal lodge

The Viceregal lodge is also known by the name Indian Institute of Advanced studies and Rashtrapati niwas is a one of most valuable heritage sites at Shimla. Back at the time of British rule the viceroy of India ruled the entire Indian subcontinent from here. The construction of Vice regal lodge was completed in the year 1888 and from then until 1946 it had been in use by British government. After Indian independence it was used by Rashtrapati (President) as a summer retreat. In the year 1960 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was president at that time setup Indian Institute of Advanced Studies here.Vice regal lodge



It is a stand alone structure situated on observatory hill. As the word suggest the view around this building campus is very charming. The building is constructed with old British Architecture designed by Henry Irwin using gray sandstone. The structure is surrounded by well maintained lush green lawns and different types of flowers to the side of walkways. It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers from Mall road. You need to pay a small entry fees to explore this site. Charges are Rs 30/- for Indians and Rs 65/- for foreigners. This is a must have in your itinerary and would require at least 2 hours to visit here.


Back side of Viceregal Lodge

How to Reach Viceregal lodge

Vice regal Lodge is at a distance of 3 kilometers walking distance from Mall road in partially restricted road. Another option is to take a bus from bus stand to Boileauganj from where you have to walk a liitle. You can book a package through us that includes stay as well as conveyance.

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