Cheapest Package for Shimla

Cheapest package for Shimla

If you are looking for the Cheapest Package for Shimla then we have some great tips for you, there are multiple ways to reduce your cost when you visit Shimla. In this page, we discuss ways through which you can to reduce your expenses on your Shimla tour.

Take Flights to Chandigarh instead of Delhi

Cheapest Package for Shimla

If your departure place lies in the southern, western and eastern part of India then you should take flights to Chandigarh instead of Delhi. It will not only reduce the cost you pay for the package but you will need to travel lesser in the cab and have more time for sightseeing. Taking flights to Chandigarh is cheaper, convenient and less time-consuming.

Book Ahead in Time

The prices of the hotels and transportation always increase with time. You pay less price today then you will pay after a few months. The flights are cheaper when booked earlier and prices increase when the flight days approach. Secondly, the prices of packages also increase with passing time. Booking ahead in time will surely save you some money that you can later use for some good purpose on tour.

Go for 2 nights 3 days Shimla package

Shimla Package can be completed in a minimum of 2 nights 3 days. In this package, you will be able to cover major sightseeing in Shimla including the Mall Road, the Ridge, Kali Bari temple, Jakhu temple and the most popular Kufri. This is the Cheapest Package for Shimla.

Book Volvo Package from Delhi

Cheapest Package for Shimla

If the number of flights to Chandigarh is limited or you might not get a suitable flight then you can get a flight to Delhi. From there you can get a Volvo Package at a much lower price. Volvo option makes it the cheapest package for Shimla that you can buy from Delhi

Book Accommodation  with Meals

When you book hotel make sure that your booking includes meals. Getting a booking without meals seems cheaper option but when you are on the go you realise that food cost way much more than expected. Secondly eating outside means you have lots of junk food in your diet that isn’t great either. Get breakfast and dinner at least included with accommodation.

Book complete package trough us

We are one of the leading travel agencies providing tour package services in the region. You can get our cheapest package from Shimla at only Rs.11,500/- ex Chandigarh (2 NIGHT 3 DAYS) and Rs.14,500/- ex Delhi (3 NIGHT 4 DAYS)

Final Verdict

  • You might get very cheap offers from some travel agents but you as a traveller have to be very diligent while booking. Always check if the hotels you have been given in the package are onto the roadside as for most traveller carrying luggage in steep inclines is not easy.
  • Also reconfirm from hotels that bookings have been created or not.

To receive a quote from us, you may fill in the query form with your specific requirement or call at 7018185179 to talk to our agent. We hope the information has been useful for you.

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