Jakhu Temple Shimla

Jakhu temple dedicated to lord Hanuman is situated on top of Jakhu hill. In the recent decade a big statue of lord Hanuman has been built which has a height of 108 feet and is claimed to be largest statue of lord Hanuman. Jakhu hill top is highest point that lies in Shimla city, surrounded by deodar forest cover and monkeys all around it is very different a place but one that cannot be missed. The hill top has altitude of around 2300 meters above sea level.

Here is a short 360 video we shot at Jakhu

A little History

As per the epic Ramayana Lord Hanuman rested at Jakhu for a while when he was on his way to fetch Sanjeevni booti that was required to treat lord Lakshman who was put senseless by Meghnath’s arrows. While lord Hanuman rested here he met sage Yaaku who provided him vital information on sanjeevni booti . On Yaaku’s request lord Hanuman promised to meet him on his way back. Lord Hanuman could not keep his promise but later he showed up and told why he could not come . After he disappeared an idol appeared by itself and  Yaaku then constructed the Jakhu temple in remembrance of lord Hanuman. The idol has still remained intact.


Lord Hanuman statue at Jakhu
108 feet high statue of Lord Hanuman rising above deodar trees

How to reach

The temple is at a distance of  1.3 miles towards east from historical ridge ground. The devotees can cover a hill trek on foot or can hire a taxi (taxi is included in tour package). The climb is steep at certain points but a fit person can easily walk uphill keeping a steady slow walk. You will find lot of monkeys around the temple and loosely held packets will attract them, you gotta believe this that they can even steal from your pockets too so you need to keep your eatables inside your backpacks. One more tip is that you should avoid making eye contact with them.When you reach the hill top, on the other side of hill you can see Sanjauli town, distant view of Green Valley as well Shali peak where Shali Mata temple is situated.

Jakhu Hilltop
Jakhu Hilltop

You should carry your binoculars with you for more immersive experience. Don’t forget to carry warm clothes because it can get cold after unexpected rains.

We provide tour package services and Jakhu is included in tour packages. By booking the package you can visit Shimla and explore Jakhu and other popular sites . You can have thorough discussion with our tour experts before proceeding . You can contact us by filling in query form or by calling on 8091758422 to get instant response.