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Shimla best time to visit , Best Season to explore Shimla

Shimla best time to visit

Shimla is a hill station and temperature ranges from 0-30° Celsius though it could go in minus sometimes during winters. For the most part of the year, the temperature remains close to the ideal temperature of 20º C to 25ºC. We will discuss conditions in the different season.

Winter Season

Winter lasts for up to 4 months starting from November to February. During winters the temperature touches 0 degrees at night and can even drop further. Several homeless loose their lives to the rage of winters. After rains and snowfall roads get icy during the night and remain as such until 8 or 9 in the morning. Vehicles tend to skid on such surfaces and even ABS vehicles don’t stand a chance if get out of control. This might seem scary but well-trained drivers know how to handle vehicles in such conditions. Hence we recommend hiring a taxi instead of own vehicles during winters.

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Most hotels provide heaters but for an extra charge of accommodation. You would definitely need a heater, this also adds to the expense. You will also need to carry more clothes and woolens which adds more weight to luggage. One thing we cannot deny that the view of Shimla after snow falls is magnificent. Also, you can fulfill your dreams of making a snowman if you get lucky. There is no definite time for snow to fall and it could happen any day. We don’t recommend traveling to Narkanda during winter unless the weather is clear and road conditions are good enough.

Spring Season

Spring lasts between the months of March to May. The weather is pleasant during this season and temperature ranges between 10- 20 degrees. This time is practically suitable to visit Shimla and there won’t be any issue whatsoever during this time. As its spring you will surely see more greenery at this time of year.It can get cold at times but not that much.

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Summer Season

Summer lasts between months of June to mid-July and is very short. Summer in Indian plains are very hot and it is a vacation time makes Shimla a perfect spot to visit. Summer in Shimla is warm as temperature range is close to ideal. We would say it is the perfect time to be at Shimla.

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Rainy Season

The season lasts for up to three months in the months of mid-July,  August and some days of September. Shimla is one of the places in India that receive plenty of rainfall every year. An umbrella is top on priority accessory for a local person. It can rain anytime during the day. There are some foggy days in which sites can’t be seen properly. Fog should not be confused with mist. It won’t be wrong to say in the rainy season that “Fog chal raha hai”. It doesn’t rain daily but there is no way to tell when it will. It might hamper touring experience sometimes but that also depends from person to person. Landslides are very common during monsoons and this traveling times may increase due to road blockage. One thing we like about rainy season that the day next to rain the views are very clear due to low dust in the air so it’s best to photograph if there aren’t any clouds. Rainy days can get a bit cold after rains but are fairly manageable.

Autumn Season

After rains arrive Autumn. There is some decrease in daily temperature during this time as the season progress. The weather is okay during this part of the year. You won’t any problems in traveling in this part of the year.

Best time to visit

We have mentioned the way things are through out the year. Summer, Springs, and Autumn time are recommended to be the best time to visit. However, if you are snow lovers than you would need to travel in winters. The Rainy season has unexpected rains and landslides that can spoil fun time.