Shali Forest

Shimla places to visit, Sightseeing at Shimla

In this article, we will cover Shimla places to visit, Sightseeing at Shimla. You can learn about these places by going throught the article.

Kali Bari

Kali Bari temple in Shimla is dedicated to goddess Kali. The temple is located at a distance of not more than 1 kilometer from mall road which makes it fairly accessible. In the past Kali Bari was also known by the name  Shyamla Devi . It is believed the name of Shimla city was derived from Shyamla Devi temple.

Kali Bari temple

For sure the view of city from this temple is great. It is located to the side of restricted road where vehicles are not allowed but reaching here is not difficult when you are already at mall road.

Jakhu Temple Shimla

Jakhu is one of the most visited tourist spots in Shimla. The temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman and is famous for monkeys. It is situated on Jakhu hill top which is highest point in Shimla city, The place is surrounded by Cedrus deodar forest that provides some seclusion. The hilltop is at an altitude of 2300 meters approx . There is this 108 feet of lord Hanuman statue here that stands as even taller than tress around.

Jakhu Temple Shimla

The temple is at a distance of 1.3 mile from the rigde from where you can cover a hill trek  or  you can hire a taxi . It would take around 1 hour to reach up if you walk slowly.  A rope way has been recently introduced. The temple area remains surrounded by monkeys so keeping eatables inside a bag is recommended .

Mall Road Shimla

The Mall road Shimla is the first place to be when you are at Shimla. Tourists from all over India as well as other countries come here. The mall  has huge no of shops, restaurants, dhabas, cafes to explore. Gaiety Theater is also located to the side of mall road. Another great thing about Mall road is that it is restricted for private vehicles which adds to the convenience.

Mall Raod Shimla

The Ridge Shimla

The ridge is a open space on the top of the Shimla city. It has got spectacular views specially at night. You can sit on benches placed to the side of road here. There are few ice cream,popcorn shops here. The famous Christ Church is also located here. The 108 feet tall lord hanuman statue can also be senn from here.

Ridge Shimla

Lakkar Bazaar

Lakkar bazaar is known for its shops selling decorative wooden articles that you can buy and keep as a souvenir. There is a roller skating rink here. There a ice skating rink also located near lakkar bazaar bus stand.It is the only natural ice skating rink of India. It generally opens in the start of December  till March. Tourists who like adventure can have fun time here.

Viceregal Lodge or Rashtrapati niwas

The Viceregal lodge also known as Indian Institute of Advanced studies or Rashtrapati niwas is a place you must visit when you are at Shimla. Viceregal lodge is built with gray sandstone and is a great sample of old British architecture. It is situated on observatory hill and the view around the place is mesmerizing.The area is covered with well maintained lush green loans.

Viceregal lodge is a historic site as it served as residence to british viceroy in India and later after independence it was renamed as Rashtrapati Niwas (President retreat) . In the year 1960 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was president at that time setup Indian Institute of Advanced Studies here.

You can reach here buy taking a bus to Boileauganj from old bus stand. We recommend booking taxi for this purpose.

Charges are Rs 30/- for Indians and Rs 65/- for foreigners.(prices may vary)

Naldehra the green paradise at Shimla

Away from the hustle bustle Naldehra is a small hill station situated at a distance of 22 kilometers from Shimla and is one  hour journey. Placed at an altitude of 2200 meters it is picture perfect real green paradise and admired by true nature lovers as the place is covered by evergreen deodar forest all over . The full fledged 18 hole golf course  just adds to the beauty of Naldehra. It is perfect picnic spot where one could enjoy strolling around and enjoying with family and friends especially during springs and summers. This not a place where you would see man made architectures which most people sought for and like any hill station you will need to walk.

Horse Riding

You can do horse riding at Naldehra on a hilltop stretch on direct payment to horse vendors

Play golf

You can play golf at golf course on direct payment basis. Entry to golf course is prohibited without fee payment.

Walk around nature

You can stroll around the place admire natural beauty and have fun time with friends and family.


Kufri is situated 16 kilometers away from Shimla city. The altitude at Kufri is around 2500-2600 meters. A huge stretch of mountains can be seen from here. Every year during winter large amount of snow falls here and snow remains there for up to a month. Thus for snow lovers December to February is the best time to visit Shimla. There are multitude of activities her.  During summer you can  do trekking and horse riding. During winters you can have a ride over yak ,  You can also do tobogganing (sliding on sledge) and skiing.

Some places to be seen at Kufri

Green Valley

On the way to Kufri there is this famous spot known as Green valley or Hassan valley. A lush green forest cover of cedrus deodar can be seen from here. The place is actually a sanctuary

Himalayan Nature Park

Himalayan nature park is actually a zoo which home several rare mountain species of antelopes species like Bharal and Ghoral. Other animals include Leopards, bears and birds species like monal pheasant.

Indira tourist park aka Chini Bunglow

Located near to Himalayan nature park is Chini bungalow or Indira tourist park . There is restaurant cum beer bar here. There is an ice cream parlour and a tea – cofee shop, video game parlour for kids.

Amusement Parks at Kufri

Recently several amusement parks have also opened up at Kufri that not only provide various amusing rides but restaurants and shops.There are multiple amusements parks to choose from in Kufri. We  recommend Adventure resorts also known Kufri fun campus as it has lots of rides to choose from. Hip Hip Hurray is another good option.


Narkanda has recently gained popularity as a hill station and number of tourists visiting Narkanda have been on increase. It is at a distance of around 65 kilometers from Shimla. Narkanda is perfect spot for skiing.

Hatu temple Narkanda

Hatu Temple in Narkanda is one of the major tourist attraction at Narkanda. The temple is situated at a height of 3400 meters. Hatu mata temple is dedicated to Mandodri, wife or Ravana. It is at a distance of around 5-6 kilometers from Narkanda and taxi is only medium to reach here. We recommend hiring taxi beforehand for that purpose.

Hatu Temple Narkanda
Hatu Temple Narkanda

Tani Jubbar lake

Tani Jubbar Lake is yet another place near Narkanda that tourist visit. The lake is not very  as it is a raid fed lake and to its side Nag devta temple is situated. Tani Jubbar Lake is at a distance of 10 kilometers from Narkanda.

Tara Devi Temple

Dedicated to Mata Bhagwati Taradevi temple is located at  a distance of 11 kilometers from Shimla. It is situated on a hill top that has great view of Shimla city.

Tara Devi Temple

The reason you should visit this place is for its natural beauty. It is situated away from traffic and city noises. You will feel relaxed with the peacefulness this place has to offer.

Every sunday Bhandaras (giving free food) are given to devotees. Fairs are held at this temple during the Navaratras and Ashtami.

Sankat Mochan Temple

Sankat Mochan temple is  dedicated to Lord Hanuman is visited by large number of tourists everyday. It is situated just to the side of main road . The location is really nice. The place is surrounded by trees which adds to the beauty.The view of Shimla city is remarkable from here. There are idols of idols of lord Hanuman, lord Shiva, lord Rama and Lord Ganesh. Bhandaras are held here on Sundays.

The temple is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from Shimla.

Shali Temple Shimla

Shali temple is dedicated to goddess Bhima Kali and is situated on top of Shali peak. It is at a distance of around 60 kilometers from Shimla. Shali is a standalone peak having an altitude of around 9,400 feet. The nearest bus stoppage to this temple is at Khatnol village from where it takes around 2 hours to climb to peak. This place is for you if you like trekking and camping.