Travel Tips for Hill stations

8 Travel Tips for Hill Stations

Travelling to hill stations is a fun activity that can bring out some good memoirs and help you explore yourself. Travelling to hill stations is a different experience all together and you should be aware of a few things before you start your journey. I am sure that these Travel Tips for Hill Stations will be beneficial for your next hill vacation.

1. Carry Warm Clothes

It might seem obvious but if you are traveling to a hill station for the first time you might not be aware of the extent of temperature differences. especially during summers.

When Travelling in Summers

Nights are cold in hill station even in summers. Carrying an extra cardigan is a good idea. Generally, a sweater over your shirt is sufficient for the summer trip.

When Travelling in Winters

Winter clothing doesn’t mean that you have to load up with multiple layers. You can get a fancy leather jacket that keeps you in style and. You packing list should include pair of body warmers and woollen socks and pair of glubs and a muffler.

2. Keep along Basic Medications

Travelling can be exhausting when you have to cover longer distances and headaches and cold might catch up out of nowhere. Keeping basic medicines handy is surely worthwhile. The roads in the mountains are curvy and going through it can lead to nausea commonly known as motion sickness. You should keep along nausea controlling medicine Avomine and avoid dairy products as they promote vomiting.

3. Hire local Driver or Book a Package

One of the most overlooked Travel Tips for Hill Stations is driving in the mountainous region. Driving in steep inclines, sometimes narrow and zigzag mountain road is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hiring a professional driver is convenient as it offers you security and freedom to enjoy sightseeing while you are on the go, which you definitely miss when you drive yourself. Hotels are generally jampacked in hill stations year round and booking a complete package is preferable as it will offer you peace of mind so that you focus more on enjoying rather finding last minute accommodations.

4. Don’t forget your Cold Cream

Travel tips for hill stations

The wind during winter gets very cold and dry and longer exposure to it can make your skin dry and irritated. You should apply cold cream daily when you are on the trip.

5. Stay Hydrated with Thermal water bottle

This is the most ignored thing that most people do while on vacation. It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the journey. But drinking cold water is difficult you might think? Indeed it is but you can surely drink warm water and store it in the thermal bottle. Fill your bottle with lukewarm water and keep sipping on the go. A thermal water bottle will keep water warm for a long time.

6. Visit your Doctor

Air is thinner at high lands that can affect some people. You should visit your doctor for a before heading onto that trip. If you are on any medications, you should not avoid meeting your doctor and discussing your trip plans. Getting doctors approval is a must for people suffering from any condition.

7. Keep Extra Bags

When you are on your trip to your favourite hill station there might be something you would buy for yourself and for your loved ones. There is no chance that you wouldn’t get some souvenir to keep up a memoir. It is a good idea to carry an extra bag for all these things you buy. You might also use extra bags to keep used up clothes

8. Good Quality Camera with Extra battery

Travel tips for hill station

Of course, if you don’t need to own one but you could borrow a camera from someone you know. It is the pictures that will keep your memories alive and getting a good camera will capture more realistic images then your smartphone. And don’t forget to carry an extra battery in case you might not get a chance to charge them.

We hope these Travel Tips for Hill Stations will help you in some way

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